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Notă de informare a investitorilor FIA HERALD

4 Ian. 2024



S.A.I. ATLAS ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. registered in the A.S.F. Register under number PJ307.1AFIAA/400006, as administrator of the HERALD AIF, informs investors about the distribution of benefits for the year 2023 for all fund units subscribed on 31.12.2023 (record date).

SAI Atlas Asset Management SA has calculated and recorded the 2023 benefit for the Herald AIF in the amount of EUR 3,939.08/fund unit.

Full details on the method of calculating the benefits can be consulted on request, free of charge, by the Fund's investors at the management company's registered office in Bucharest, sector 1, Sos. București-Ploiești, nr. 7A, 6th floor, office 1, telephone 021-361.78.21, fax 021-361.78.22.

+4 0213 617 821
+4 0213 617 822