According to the tax legislation in force, the profit obtained from the redemption of fund units in investment funds are taxed 10%. The single rate applies only to individuals regardless of the date of acquisition or period of holding.


S.A.I ATLAS ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. issues annually the portfolio report with the profit / loss realized in the previous year (the portfolio reports are being issued only if at least one redemption operation is made on any of our funds within one year). The calculation of the profit / loss is made as the difference between the redemption price and the purchase / subscription price. The redemption price is the price for the investor to retire (total or partial) from the fund. The purchase / subscription price is the price paid to purchase of the respective fund units that includes also the subscription costs.



The portfolio report is handed to investors personally or transmitted to the email address indicated in the Subscription Form.


For the fiscal year 2017, the investor declares the profit / loss realized until July 15, 2018 the latest, by submitting the the form  "The Single Tax Statement and Social Contributions Payable by Individuals".

Starting 2019, the submission of the Declaration will be done until March 15 for the previous fiscal year.


IMPORTANT! S.A.I. ATLAS ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. DOES NOT retain any percentage of the due tax at source and take no responsibility for any changes that have not been notified; the obligativity to declare the income obtained belongs exclusively to the investor.


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