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Atlas Asset Management

About us

About us

S.A.I. Atlas Asset Management SA is authorized by the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority (A.S.F.) to manage open-end investment funds (F.D.I.) as well as alternative investment funds (F.I.A.). For more information regarding the investment funds managed by S.A.I. Atlas Asset Management S.A., please read the funds documents or call us at the telephone number +40213 617 821.



Professionalism, experience, transparency, diversification and novelty are terms that define the S.A.I. ATLAS ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. team and management. The provision of professional and efficient services, as well as the offering of original solutions are the main objectives of the S.A.I. ATLAS ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. team.


Information about S.A.I. Atlas Asset Management SA:

Share capital 910.000 RON

Trade Register Office Number J40/15700/15.09.2008

Sole Registration Number 24467322.

Financial Supervisory Authority Decision 607/14.04.2009

Financial Supervisory Authority Public Register under number PJRO5SAIR/400030

AFIA Authorisation number: 44/15.02.2018

AFIA Financial Supervisory Authority Public Register under number:PJ307.1AFIAA/400006


Investment services for which S.A.I. ATLAS ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. is authorised:


The administration of O.P.C.V.M established in Romania or in another Member State. Collective portfolio management activity refers to:

a) investment management;

b) carrying out activities on:

1. legal and accounting services related to portfolio management;

2. customer requests for information;

3. evaluating the portfolio and determining the value of the shareholdings, including tax issues;

4. monitoring the compliance with the regulations in force;

5. keeping a register of the shareholding’s holders;

6. revenue distribution;

7. issue and redemption of shareholdings;

8. record keeping;

c) marketing and distribution.

 The Company may also provide alternative investment funds (A.I.F.), subject to the approval of F.S.A. The main activities that the Company may undertake when managing an A.I.F. are the following:

a) portfolio management;

b) risk management;


The Company may carry out, as part of the collective management of a A.I.F. and other activities, such as:

a) management of the entity: 

1. legal and fund accounting services;

2. requests for information from customers;

3. evaluation and pricing, including tax refunds;

4. control of compliance with applicable law;

5. keeping the register of shareholdings holders;

6. revenue distribution;

7. shareholdings issue and redemption;

8. settlement of contracts, including issuance of certificates;

9. keeping records;

b) distribution;

c) activities relating to the assets of the AIF, namely services required to perform the A.F.I.A's management tasks, infrastructure management, real estate management, capital consultancy, industrial strategy and related matters, consultancy and services related to mergers and acquisitions of entities, as well as other services related to the management of the AIF and the companies and other assets in which it has invested.



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