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Produse investitionale


A.I.F. private equity Agricultural Fund was established by a memorandum of association signed on 06.02.2023 in accordance with the provisions of the Romanian Civil Code, in the form of an open-ended A.I.F. according to art. 1 para. 2 of EU Regulation no. 694/2014. The A.I.F. falls into the category of contractual A.I.F. (C.A.I.F.) with private capital intended for professional investors in accordance with the provisions of art. 46 item a) of Law 243/2019.

The equity securities issued by the A.I.F. may also be distributed to retail investors, provided that the A.I.F.'s incorporation documents comply with the conditions laid down in art. 56, para. (4) of Law 243/2019.

The A.I.F. carries out its activity in accordance with the provisions of Law 243/2019, Law 74/2015, F.S.A. Regulation no. 7/2020, Regulation (EU) 231/2013, Regulation (EU) 2365/2015 and other applicable FSA regulations, as well as in accordance with the provisions of the Romanian Civil Code relating to the company.

A.I.F. private equity Agricultural Fund was authorized by the Romanian FSA by Authorization no. 6/16.02.2023 and is registered with the FSA Register under number CSC09FIAIPCP/400002. The fund depository is BRD - Groupe Societe Generale S.A.




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