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Information note of the investors of the CLOSED-END INVESTMENT FUND HERMES

26 Oct. 2017

S.A.I. ATLAS ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. registered in F.S.A.  Registry with the no. PJRO5SAIR/400030, in quality of administrator of F.I.A HERMES, informs the investors about the advice, by F.S.A., through the Advice no. 1122/25.10.2017 of the amendment of the Issue Prospectus, thus:

1. The amendment of Fees paid by the Fund investors referred to in chapter 8 "Fees and other charges" sub-point a) thus: "On the updated date of this Issue Prospectus, the value of the subscription fee is 0,5% of the amount deposited by the investor. The maximum subscription fee value may be 3% of the amount deposited by the investor.

The Company may change the value of the subscription fee up or down without exceeding the maximum value, with F.S.A. notification within maximum 10 days of making the change and it will enter into force on the date of publication of the investors information note in the daily newspaper mentioned in this Prospectus. The Company may increase the maximum subscription fee value only with the F.S.A. authorization and the entry into force after at least 10 days from the publication of the investors information note. Under the conditions where the Fund investment is kept for at least 365 days from the issue date of the equity papers, the subscription fee may be negotiated. The negotiation is materialized by signing an Investment Agreement in this respect. If the investor redeems the equity papers within 365 days, thereby violating the above-mentioned condition, he will bear the subscription fee mentioned in the Investment Agreement. In this respect, the subscription fee mentioned above will be deducted from the redemption amount in the case of redemption of the subscription fee within 365 days from the subscription.

The Company may charge differentiated subscription fees for investors legal and individual persons, respectively employees of the Company, their level may reach zero, depending on the type of investor, the value invested and the period related to it. Granting this reduction does not entail any additional cost to the Fund. The amounts resulting from the application of the subscription fee are collected by the Company.
Upon redemption of fund units, the investors will not be charged. "

2. The amendment of the subchapter 3.3.2 Investment policy limits point 9, thus "The Fund will invest, in compliance with the legal provisions, maximum 10% of its assets, in equity papers of other O.P.C.V.M. or A.O.P.C that meet the conditions stipulated in art. 82, point d) of GEO 32/2012". Herewith, at the same subchapter was added the point 10, thus “The Fund doesn’t invest in real estate.”

Together with the above-mentioned amendment, the Issue Prospectus also includes the following changes:

- the amendment of the expenses beard by the funds – the introduction among the fund expenses and the payment of the equivalent value Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI), in the context of the reporting to the central transactions registries, according to EMIR;

- throughout the documents, the term Closed Investment Fund was replaced with “Closed-end Investment Fund" and “Civil Society Contract” with “Company Contract”; both in the Issue Prospectus and in the Company Contract.


The investors F.I.A HERMES who don’t agree with the changes occurred in the Fund’s documents have the possibility that, in 15 days from the publication date of the investors information note, redeem the held units only in full. Full details about the amended documents can be found on www.atlas-am.ro, and can also be obtained upon request, free of charge, from the head office of the management company from Bucharest, 1st district, Sos. Bucureşti-Ploieşti, no. 7A,  2nd floor, telephone 021- 021 361 78 21, fax 021- 361 78 22. 




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